"SKREPKA" Service

End-to-end cashback loyalty ecosystem based on advanced recommendation technologies (big data, artificial intelligence)

  1. More then 100 FMC Goods in the mobile catalog - Browse our mobile app and choose from 100 of retailers and exclusive cashback offers.
  2. Up to 400 online shops and financial services - Fast and frendly search goods on our catalog. Every day we add new products and special deals.
  3. Cashback Up to 50% - save money and repay you loan when shopping. Every day we add new products and special deals.
  4. 3 steps: Purchase - Scan QR Code - Loan repayment -The producers pays us commission for your purchase and we add this as repayment your loan automatically.

Product Roadmap

FEB 2019

Project start

Iidea and business model of the project.
Creation of the first prototype.

APR 2019


Create a pilot version of the site.
Check the business model.
Formation of the project team.
Negotiations with Investors.

MAY 2019

Seed investment

Registration of the Russian Subsidiary.
Technical design.

JUN 2019

Technical implementation CLIP Service

Developing Android APP
Financial and legal background.

JUL 2019

Free registration.
Developing Apple APP.

SEPT 2019

PLAN: Customer angagement

New functions. 
Additional FMC Goods.


PLAN: Developing
Customer angagement
PR & Marketing

Online shops and FMC Goods
Up to 400 online shops and financial services
API Co-Brand payment virtual card


Ready to use loyalty program for Utility Market

First Loyalty and Payment programme as a Service for utility (energy) market
Scaling in RU market in Utility Companies up to 10M customers

MAR 2021 

Establishment of presence in Japan, EU, UK
UNIKAPay provides an infrastructure for companies to reach new clients, gain insights into buying behavior, and improve customer retention by offering increasing value for the end-user.

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